Native plants provide habitat and food for wildlife, and are usually easier to grow. They provide numerous benefits for the ecosystem. This class is going to introduce you to about 20 native plants that will provide benefits for you too. They are edible - for humans.

This is not a wild foraging class. It is a class about plants that are commonly available in the landscaping industry that happen to be both native and edible, and provide a decent amount of food.

Hi, I’m Amanda

I am a nature lover, mom, and permaculturist. I am a former elementary school educator who now teaches people how to take better care of our Earth by creating "useful landscapes". This includes eco-friendly landscaping, growing and preserving food, and composting.

I have a degree in Elementary Education, a permaculture design certification, and am nearly done with my Foundations Courses with Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Foodweb School on soil ecology.

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