Meet Amanda

Amanda is a mom, former educator, and transplanted farm girl. She grew up on a working farm in Michigan where they grew most of their fresh produce on site, preserving it for the winter. Amanda has been in Florida for about 20 years learning to transfer those years of gardening experience to the subtropics of Central Florida.

Amanda is a certified Permaculture Designer. She specializes in native Florida plants, edible landscaping, veggie gardens, and food forests. Realizing that the foundation for any healthy plant is good soil (and Florida's urban soil is so very degraded), she's working her way through Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Foodweb Foundation courses.

Learn to Grow with Us

Set your garden up for success with a few simple steps.

A thoughtful garden plan will:

  • Save you time, energy and money
  • Result in higher plant yields
  • Help you to ENJOY your garden more

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